Ibiza homes: Bonita Spencer-Percival – Old town magic

Such is the nature of their corporate and creative lifestyles respectively, David and Bonita often find themselves in different countries and properties at different times, and so the opportunity to connect on an island, away from the demands of daily life, is important to them. “Ibiza is just such a wonderful retreat from the frenetic life of any metropolis, and it’s only four hours door-to-door from London,” says Bonita. “It keeps me young!”

Despite the fact the couple are only in Ibiza for around two (separate) weeks a year, the apartment is always immaculate, prepared for the arrival of friends and family at a moment’s notice. “We are just so busy, and travelling the world all the time but it would be ridiculous to just leave it,” says Bonita, who says she prefers to visit the island out-of-season, having never been much of a sun-worshipper. “It’s ready to go at any time, for my sister, my girls, David’s friends and family – whoever needs it.”

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