Giorgio Brunetti Architect – Honesty & transparency

“This is absolutely not how I work,” he states. “I am always working on the side of my client. I can put pressure on suppliers, quality-wise. If something has not been done to a certain standard and you are totally transparent, you can demand it be done again. The workmanship must always be exceptional.” Giorgio’s firm but fair manner ensures his clients get exactly what they have paid for, and perfectly executed.

Taking the time to do things properly is extremely important to Giorgio, who believes rushing can ultimately create more problems. “The devil is in the rush, we say in Germany,” he says, and he’s right on the money. Trying to plough through ten problems in a day and finding fast-fix solutions will only mean you have to come back and correct them again later. Better to come up with four long-term solutions today, four more tomorrow and the rest the next day. “Stress kills creativity,” says Giorgio. “It’s all about finding what is special within each project, for me and the client alike. Though I get emotionally attached to each project, my approach is based on knowledge and experience, not arrogance – this is how I express my creativity and create something of true value.”

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